On interviewing clients during a demonic investigation

This is an excerpt from a thread in the paranormal Clergy affiliates but I felt that my response was salient and touches on some important elements of paranormal investigations:


“my experience professionally is always to have 2 different people interview a “client” at 2 different times and ideally during each interview there should be an “observer” who does nothing but watch & listen. The reaction of the subject of the interview is often more telling than the answers they give. Unfortunately we also must screen our clients for clarity and (this is going to rub some of you the wrong way…sorry) Honesty. There are  several reasons for this, the first reason is the most obvious…are they lying? The second is not quite so obvious…in many cases of demonic infestation the entity, when it perceives a  threat(that would be US) , will hide and the client may become convinced that “everything is OK now…it’s gone”. The observation of micro expressions as reactions to the mention of anything holy can give away the presence of a malevolent entity and at time the Questioner is so focused on asking the questions in a politically correct fashion that they may miss these reactions or dismiss them as the client feeling “awkward” towards the personal nature of the questions…..hence the observer.”


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