On the use of psychics & mediums in paranormal investigation:

I believe that there are people with the ability to sense psychic energy and to interpret it in various ways…I won’t elaborate on the different psychic talents now because it does not touch what I am writing about. I believe there are people that can sense the presence of spirits and, in a limited way, communicate with them. As you read this please keep in mind that I am the guy that used to make fun of psychics on TV and more recently in the occult shops and when I say “make fun” I mean ridicule, harass and call them everything but a  child of  god. Obviously my opinions on this have changed considerably but the standard by which I will tolerate the presence of a self-proclaimed psychic is HIGH and I will explain. As an experiment go to the SEARCH box here in Facebook and type in the term “psychic-medium” and see what pops up. It is absurd the amount of people in this community called Facebook that claim to have these rare god given gifts and even more absurd is the amount of money the charge for a reading and transcending appropriate adjectives would be the words to describe the melodramatic displays of these psychic/mediums as they enter the site of an investigation and begin to flail, cry and gnash their teeth. Now before you start hating me for hating psychics..I do NOT. That being said I have spoken to very few GOOD psychics and the ones I have worked with came to ME. For example I got a phone call a few months ago from a rather famous medium, out of the blue, who told me that they were being “pestered” by 2 spirits to give me a message. This couple (husband  and wife) normally charges a considerable sum for their readings based on how far away from them you are. I told him politely that I live on my army pension and could not afford their services and he said “no no no…you don’t understand. We just need to have this session for you becaus these 2 spirits are frantic about speaking to you and they won’t even tell US why…no charge just please let us help them”. Did you see the relevant PRONOUN in that statement? (help THEM not ME) Intrigued, I accepted the session, and the results were stunning. Without elaborating they were spot on with my proof of who was “talking” to me and I was very emotionally affected by this session. This couple still talks to me and has never asked me for a dime, a favor or even to recommend a good restaurant. The point of my diatribe is that we can assume that being psychic is a rare gift per capita, but even that number is far exceeded by the number of people just in THIS social medium (Facebook) that claim this extraordinary gift and we as paranormal investigators, if we want to be respected as professionals, need to be extremely careful who we let into our cases and how they conduct themselves….this should be a supremely difficult title to live up to and for good reason. Make sure that when you bring your “sensitives” that they are there as an investigative tool, to collect evidence and contribute to the resolution of the case for the benefit of the client and not for themselves. If, when they walk in the house the case suddenly becomes about THEM and how it is emotionally & physically affecting THEM…well it may be time to ask them to sit this one out.


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